DCA Monthly Circulars - 1948

DCA Monthly Circulars were instituted in September 1940 as a means of communicating information throughout the by now far-flung branches of the Department. The Monthly Circulars were continued until December 1950 when they were replaced by Administrative Instructions.

These indexes list noteworthy entries only - minor administrative matters are not listed.

Circular No.89 January 1948

Traffic Control as a Means to Air Safety Establishment of a School for Air Traffic Control Officers in order to comply with Australia’s commitments under I.C.A.O.

Facilitation of International Air Transport The need to upgrade and streamline Custom, Health and Immigration Procedures to cope with the faster tempo of modern Air travel.

Why Civil Aviation Staffs have Increased Statement by Minister Drakeford to counter criticism of the increasing numbers of Civil Aviation Staff.

Air Passenger Loadings Table

Civil Aviation Institute News Sheet

The Food for Britain Appeal Expressions of appreciation for food parcels sent to Britain. The extract from a letter details the stringent rationing in force in the UK at this time.

Circular No.90 February 1948

TAA New Services Introduction of route changes that include Corowa and Narrandera as en-route stopping places.

Diversion of Cook’s River for Kingsford Smith Airport A description of the planning factors and the physical work involved.

Air Traffic Control Air Marshal Williams DGCA welcomes the student intake for No. 2 ATC Course.

Appointment of a Superintendent of Aviation Medicine Many matters affecting aviation require specialist aviation medical Knowledge, this has previously been provided by the RAAF. The workload now involved requires the appointment of a full time civil Superintendent. Dr J.C. Lane a former RAAF medical officer and who holds a civil pilot’s licence himself has been appointed.

Australia’s Airports are busier than Europe’s Statistics comparing the movement rates at Australian ports with those in Europe.

Patricio Jose Da Luz An article revealing the wartime exploits, behind Japanese enemy lines in Timor, of this Aeradio Operator, who is once again working as an Aeradio Officer in Dili Timor.

Circular No.91 March 1948

Airways Operational Activities – an Appreciation Statistics reveal that the ever growing density of air movements at the major Australian airports is much greater than at equivalent European airports. The DGCA is appreciative of the efforts of Air Traffic Control Staff.

Human Climatology and Tropical Settlement Extract from an article by Professor D H K Lee of Qld University. Prof Lee indicates that Europeans living and working in tropical areas should maintain mental and physical alertness and hence health by undertaking a share of physical labour and by consistently pursuing mental and physical goals in day to day life. Not to do so leads to lethargy, slothfulness and morale problems.

On Location with the AVIAT Film Unit A description of a nationwide trip undertaken by the Departmental DC3 carrying a film crew and photographers. During this trip many outstations were visited and many Aeronautical events and hardware were recorded in order to make a documentary film about aviation in Australia. The aircraft, VH-ASD, was Commanded by Eric Read, then in charge of checking and testing Navigation Aids.

Licences Certificates etc Statistics.

Retirement of Mr J.J. Jepsen An article about Mr Jepsen, Finance Officer who joined the Public Service in 1900.

Circular No.92 April 1948

Incident and Defect Summaries Summaries of incidents and defects will be circulated to operators as a preventative and educational measure.

Moorabbin Airport This new secondary airport is nearing completion and will open in July with initially two grass runways of 3,000ft run.

Growth of Australian Civil Aviation Statistics and a chart (inside rear cover of this circular).

First Birthday of the International Civil Aviation Organisation A review of the achievements of the organisation.

Increased subsidies to Aero Clubs Minister Drakeford states that the Aero Clubs are an asset to the defence of the Country.

Variations in Airline Services Increases in frequency and added stopping places in services operated by TAA, Ansett, ANA, and Airlines of WA.

Circular No.93 May 1948

Appointment of Departmental Representatives in London and Washington Mr. R.M. Seymour is appointed to London and Mr. D.S. Graham is appointed to Washington. There is a list of Pay and Allowances applicable to these posts.

International non-scheduled Flights There is a large increase in these flights, due mostly to Greek and Italian immigration. Restrictions are placed on the arrival ports and carriage of passengers internally in order to protect Australian air operators.

Adelaide Airport Construction of this major airport with a 6,800 ft instrument runway commences.

Air Services Changes in Air Services operated by TAA, QANTAS and New England Airways.

Circular No.94 June 1948

Several Articles Economy in the use of motor transport; Responsibility of Staff to get to work during transport strikes; Purchase of motor cars for use of officers.

Circular No.95 July 1948

Departmental Organisation Amendment of the Regional Office organisation to align with State boundaries. This will facilitate liaison with State Governments who are starting to legislate on intra-state aviation matters.

Departmental Organisation Changes in the organisation of the higher functions of the Department which provide for and Admin section and a Tech section - each under an Assistant Director-General.

Circular No.96 August 1948

The Air Traffic Control Service An explanation, in layman’s terms, of the functions of ATC.

Australian approach to Accident Prevention An article by Mr.W.E. Boud explaining the emphasis placed on prevention as well as analysis in the Australian system.

Licenses, Certificates etc Table.

Our Aeradio men are the World’s best Tributes from international aircrew.

Organisation table A table showing the positions, incumbents and contact details for the senior echelon of the Department.

Circular No.97 September 1948

Regional Organisation Fine tuning of the Regional organisation in WA and an explanation of the Regional Airport organisation, which does not always conform to Stare boundaries.

Regional Organisation - Administrative Procedure A standardisation of Admin procedures in regard to correspondence and staff matters, developed at the request of the Regional Directors.

Appointment of Civil Aviation Liaison Officer in London Confirmation of Mr Seymour’s appointment and a list of approved duties and responsibilities of the position.

Australia's part in recent International Conferences on Civil Aviation matters A detailed list and explanation of the important matters discussed and the contribution made by Australian officers.

The Useability of Aerodromes A paper by I.S. Tenenbaum describing how to make the best use of existing aerodromes and how to upgrade them in the most cost effective way, is published in the British technical Journal - Aircraft Engineering.

Circular No.98 October 1948

Travelling Expenses - Movement Requisitions Requirements to be fulfilled prior to official travel being approved. An indication of the strict controls implemented at this time.

Air Traffic Control Training Scheme The genesis of Civil Air Traffic Controller training after the war and an explanation of the various grades of training and responsibilty.

A Layman looks at the Convair A.C. Heintz, Departmental PRO, describes the Convair airliner flown by TAA.

Aircraft on the Australian Register A comparison with pre-war figures and a discussion of the various types and numbers of aircraft.

Circular No.99 November 1948

As Blind as a Bat An explanation of the Bat’s ability to navigate and discriminate by emitting HF sound waves (sonar).

Circular No.100 December 1948

Arrival of Douglas DC.6 Aircraft Description of this advanced new transport aircraft.

Department warmly defended Minister Drakeford replies to press criticism by emphasising the contribution to world aviation made by many Departmental officers, including the filling of many positions in International aviation.

Index compiled by Brian Surtees, CAHS

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