DCA Monthly Circulars - 1949

DCA Monthly Circulars were instituted in September 1940 as a means of communicating information throughout the by now far-flung branches of the Department. The Monthly Circulars were continued until December 1950 when they were replaced by Administrative Instructions.

These indexes list noteworthy entries only - minor administrative matters are not listed.

Circular No.101 January 1949

!948-1949: Message to Staff from Air Marshal R. Williams DGCA

South Pacific Air Transport Council Australia’s strong delegation engaged in discussing regional and trunk services in the Pacific. Canada becomes a full member. [Click here to read more about the SPATC]

The lure of the Tropics - It’s lovely at Darwin An interesting description of the Pay, conditions and life experienced on a tour of duty in Darwin.

Circular No.102 February 1949

Communications Officers Correspondence training in Typing The introduction of Teletype equipment into the operational communications network requires officers to be proficient in typing. Telegraph Typewriters are being issued to all main stations and later to all stations.

Radar Distance measuring Equipment for the Australian Airways System This system (DME) will be installed throughout the Airways system and will enable a precise distance from the beacon to be displayed in the aircraft, and in conjunction with a bearing from other aids will provide a position. The system’s technical method of operation is described.

Commonwealth Employees Compensation Act - Amendment The scales of monetary compensation for injuries sustained at work are described.

Licences Certificates etc. Table of statistics.

Air Express Packet System TAA has introduced an "Air Express Packet" system for the conveyance of small high value items by passenger aircraft.

Convairs popular with Air Travellers Public demand for seats in TAA’s Convair-Liners exceed that for any other type.

Circular No.103 March 1949

Charter and Aerial Work Licences Table of Licences issued to operators up to 31.1.49.

Australia keeps them flying An article by Minister Drakeford describing at length the achievements of Australian Civil Aviation since WW2 in a time of privation and shortages. Also described are the contributions made by DCA in the fields of Regulation, Air Traffic Control, Navigation Aids and Airports.

Circular No.104 April 1949

Airline Statistics 1948 Activities Statistical statement and table.

Circular No.105 May 1949

Norfolk Island - Vacancy for Airport Foreman A description of the duties and qualifications required appropriate to this position in an outlying territory.

Australia-wide plan for better Airports - 13,900,000 pounds Sterling three year plan
A massive work effort is required to bring all airline ports up to internationally agreed standards. This means new runways and airport facilities of every kind. The Works Department cannot meet the demands placed upon it so the work, of necessity, will be done according to priority. - Statement by Minister Drakeford.

Obituary Frederick J Lowry A pioneer of the Department’s Aeradio System during the war.

Circular No.106 June 1949

DCA Publication No.4 - Manual of Meteorology This manual is for the use of Pilots and Departmental officers whose duties require a knowledge of weather.

Airport Building Areas - Government Policy Defined In future all building activity on airports will be approved and coordinated. Facilities will be owned by the Department and leased to Operators. The present uncoordinated and in many cases non-aviation related activities will be phased out.

Essendon Airport Statistics for the busiest airport in Australia. The Olympic Games in 1956 will tax the airport facilities to the utmost. Projected are many improvements in buildings and facilities, also the installation of the first Instrument Landing System (ILS) in Australia. This will enable landings in much poorer conditions than at present, thus cutting the number or diversions.

Circular No.107 July 1949

Departmental Organisation The Public Service Board has approved of a new organisation for the Department. This is not so much a change in the new Head Office and Regional structure as a change in Nomenclature. Henceforth Directorates and Branches will be known as Divisions, Branches, Sections and Sub Sections. There will be 8 Regions whose office organisation will generally parallel that of Head Office.

Parliamentary Questions Answers given in Parliament, usually by the Prime Minister in relation to matters of interest to the Department.

Licences Certificates etc Table

Manus Island Today - W.K. Knight, Division of Airports A description of the current state of this formerly very active U.S. base. Much dereliction and abandoned equipment. The current Service and labour personnel have few amenities.

Circular No.108 August 1949

Australia - India Air Transport Agreement Conclusion of an agreement regularising QANTAS operations already in existence and providing for reciprocal Air Services in Future.

Aircraft have many unusual Tasks A description, by a cross-section of operators, of the many, varied and unusual tasks performed by their aircraft in the outback.

Circular No.109 September 1949

Technical Libraries in the Department A description of the central and regional library resources of the Department and an encouragement to officers to make full use of the resources.

International Civil Aviation Activities - Retrospect and Prospect A distillation of the various activities and agreements pursued during the year.

The North-West Beef Air Lift The carriage of slaughtered and chilled beef from Glenroy Station to the meatworks at Wyndham W.A. This system replaces a 290 mile overland trek which debilitated the cattle.

Consistent Policy on Charter Flights Policy regarding the treatment of immigration charter flights, some unauthorised, and the protection of Australian and British Mainline operators.

Circular No.110 October 1949

Suggestions by officers for improvements in service efficiency Public Service Board approves a system that encourages input from staff and rewards in appropriate circumstances.

Ante-dating of seniority of Ex-Members of the forces The PSB approves ante-dating of seniority of ex service personnel to ensure they suffer no disadvantage by being away on war service.

Circular No.111 November 1949

International Air Transport Association Thirtieth Anniversary meeting at The Hague Holland to mark the growth and progress of Civil Aviation made possible largely by the agreements reached by this body.

Airline Statistics Statistics for the last financial year.

Implementing ICAO Recommendations Congratulatory letter to Australia from the President of ICAO Dr. Warner.

Mascot now outstrips Essendon as Airline Centre Mascot now handles more traffic than Essendon.

Fourth Annual Report of the Australian National Airlines Commission Report to Parliament.

Moorabbin Airport to open next month The airport is an all-over field with runs of 3000ft in any direction. Hangars and buildings are well advanced and Aero club and light aircraft activities will transfer from Essendon.

Circular No.112 December 1949

Qualifications for Positions in Department of Civil Aviation A policy statement in regard to those positions in the Department requiring various levels of pilot licence or aeronautical experience of one sort or another.

Flight Progress Boards for Air Traffic Controllers Installation at Essendon of flight progress board equipment. This system provides the controller with a display of essential flight details and facilitates real time communication between controller, pilot and other ancillary agencies. Information provided pre-flight by the pilot is recorded on a cardboard strip and is continually updated as the flight progresses. This strip is used for the efficient handling and handover of that particular flight. The equipment will be installed at all Centres.

Solents in use on the Tasman Service Solent class Flying Boats are introduced on the Auckland - Sydney service, replacing the Tasman class boats. There is an increase in passenger capacity from 30 to 45. The aircraft cruise on 50% power at 225mph.

Index compiled by Brian Surtees, CAHS

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