DCA Monthly Circulars - 1950

DCA Monthly Circulars were instituted in September 1940 as a means of communicating information throughout the by now far-flung branches of the Department. The Monthly Circulars were continued until December 1950 when they were replaced by Administrative Instructions.

These indexes list noteworthy entries only - minor administrative matters are not listed.

Circular No.113 January 1950

Message to Staff 1949 - 1950: Air Marshal R. Williams DGCA

New Minister takes over The new Minister is Group Captain the Hon T.W. White D.F.C., V.D., A.M.I.Ae.E., F.R.G.S., M.H.R. He was on the first flying training course at Pt. Cook, with the present DGCA, served in WWI with the Australian Flying Corps in Mesopotamia, was Minister for Trade and Customs between the wars and served again in WW2. He founded the Australian Flying Club in 1914 and has taken an active part in the organisation of Australian Flying Doctor Services.

Christmas and New year Air traffic - New Equipment handled increase The new Flight Progress Board system at Essendon helped Controllers to monitor up to three times the normal density of air traffic.

Circular No.114 February 1950

Air Agreement - Australia and Ceylon The negotiations started in 1948 and have led to an agreement whereby QANTAS and Ceylon have reciprocal rights to fly to each country and pick up International passengers, cargo and mail as part of their overall route structure. Capacity will be regulated so as to prevent wasteful competition.

Five-Year Contract for Connellan Airways Connellan Airways, operating in Central Australia since 1938, has been awarded a five year contract to continue it’s operations, which consist of help to the Flying Doctor Service and distribution of Mail and cargo to isolated communities and Stations.

Preventing the spread of the Fruit Fly Precautions to be observed in Airline Operations as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of Fruit Fly throughout Australia.

Licences Certificates etc. Table

You and Public Relations Instructions as to how to frame correspondence so that it is concise, accurate, relevant and courteous.

Circular No.115 March 1950

West Wyalong Air Service Two operators receive licences to include the new aerodrome in their route structure, they are Curtis Madsen Airlines Pty and South Coast Airways.

Power Generation for Airports Orders have been placed for 231 Diesel Electric generators which are to be installed at Airports and other critical facilities. They will provide automatic backup, and changeover from, Town Power or other existing supplies in the event of failure of these supplies to the airport or facility.

Circular No.116 April 1950

Communications facilities to be improved Improved Aeradio communications will result from the imminent installation of VHF radio equipment for aeronautical mobile communications for:

  • Aerodrome Control
  • Approach Control
  • Aerodrome Surface Movement Control
  • En Route Communications
  • International Distress Communications

Better Positions for Field Technical Staff There will be a big increase in field technical staff to service the growing number of radio facilities around Australia. Most of these facilities are designed to be automatic in operation and in changeover capability to eliminate the need for full time on-site human monitoring, particularly in remote areas. Consequently the equipment is more complex and requires a higher level of knowledge to look after it.

Circular No.117 May 1950

Former DCA Expert to advise Indian Government Mr J.A. Watkins of TAA and DCA, an aeronautical engineer, has been selected as expert adviser to the Air Transport Inquiry Committee appointed by the Government of India.

How to go about your Job Extract from the P.S.B. Training handbook. which details preferred work practices and methods that promote speed, accuracy and good record keeping.

Circular No.118 June 1950

Airline Statistics Statistics for 1949

Circular No.119 July 1950

Narrabri Aerodrome purchased by the Government The Government purchased this NSW aerodrome in June 1949 for 4,931 pounds Sterling. During the 1920s aircraft operated from the Racecourse in Narrabri but in 1929 another site, west of the township, was chosen and approved. In 1937 it was realised that the aerodrome needed to be enlarged to facilitate modern air services. After the war and after preliminary engineering design work was done, the townspeople worked every weekend for eight months on a voluntary basis to build the strips. This effort was recognised by Minister Drakeford during the opening ceremony in April 1949 and Butler Airlines commenced DC3 operations.

How to go about your Job - part 2 Submissions and Letter writing, handling of papers and the need for decisiveness.

Two more Constellations for QANTAS The purchase of two Constellations from Air India increases the fleet to seven and allows backup capacity on the Kangaroo Route to the UK. In addition the frequency of flights is planned to increase from five per week to six.

Circular No.120 August 1950

Com Service assists Merchant Marine The Aeradio operator at Cambridge airport was able to give navigation assistance to the S.S. Koranui, en route to Hobart and in heavy fog. Radio bearings enabled the vessel to avoid long delay in making for port.

Correspondence - The choice of Words Further extracts from the P.S.B. Training Handbook.

Circular No.121 September 1950

The Tamworth Airlift Serious flooding required a massive civilian and RAAF effort to drop supplies to Communities and stock. 18 military and civil DC3s, including departmental aircraft, operated from Tamworth. This is a description of some of the incidents that occurred.

Interference at Wonthaggi Homer The roosting of hundreds of Starlings on the antenna at sunrise and sunset causes changes in the propagation properties and triggers a changeover to the standby equipment. A device inhibiting the roosting of birds will be installed.

Emergency Procedure in the Northern Territory Tale of an unusual overdue procedure when one of Connellan’s aircraft failed to report landed at an overnight stop at a Station. Despite all normal Comms procedures the location of the aircraft could not be traced until the Aeradio Operator asked around in the pubs in Katherine, where the local races were on. It transpired that all station personnel capable of operating the radio at Nutwood Downs (the station in question) were in Katherine at the races!

Testimonial for Senior Communication Officer Charles Peddell This officer rendered valuable and dedicated service to the Police in difficult conditions during the floods in the Kempsey area. As an experienced Ham radio Operator he was able to set up a radio and antenna at the police station and direct the rescue efforts until telephone was restored.

Circular No.122 October 1950

Licences Certificates etc Table

Australia-Egypt Air Transport Agreement A permanent agreement has been negotiated to facilitate QANTAS International operations through Egypt.

Scope for Initiative A study carried out on the British Civil Service to gauge the desire and provision for the exercise of initiative within the Service.

Circular No.123 November 1950

The giving of orders A discussion of the methodology of giving orders and the interpersonal relationship of the giver and the receiver.

Circular No.124 December 1950

Message to Staff Xmas 1950: Air Marshall R. Williams DGCA

Monthly Circular to be Discontinued As from this issue the Monthly Circular will be discontinued. It has served a useful purpose in the past but the stage has now been reached when administrative instructions issued from Head Office must be in such a form and so identified that ready reference can be made to them. In future, administrative matters which were published in the Circular, together with the information and instructions detailed in paragraph of Administrative Orders will be promulgated through "Administrative Instructions"

Normally Administrative Instructions will be issued on the first day of each month. However, where circumstances warrant, special issues will be made at more frequent intervals.

Index compiled by Brian Surtees, CAHS

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