DCA Monthly Circulars - 1945

DCA Monthly Circulars were instituted in September 1940 as a means of communicating information throughout the by now far-flung branches of the Department. The Monthly Circulars were continued until December 1950 when they were replaced by Administrative Instructions.

These indexes list noteworthy entries only - minor administrative matters are not listed.

Circular No.53 January 1945

QANTAS Empire Airways Notes
Statement By the Chairman Sir Fergus McMaster at the shareholders annual meeting on 9th Nov 1944 regarding profit and loss, also the assumption of Australia New Guinea routes.

QANTAS - increased Inland Services
The frequency of Services between Brisbane and Darwin is to be increased to 4 per week with Douglas airliners.

Pan-American Airways : Post War Plans
The Acquisition of a fleet of larger faster Clippers and revised operational procedures will cut the length of journeys to South America to less than a day.

Accessibility in Airport Location Essential
Advice to local Authorities on the siting and size of airports, relevant to the size of the community served.

A Very Important Visitor
Asian and Australasian Itinerary followed by Mr D. Nelson, President Roosevelt's envoy, which included several notable flights in a C54 Skymaster fitted with extra fuel tanks.

Britain's Oilfield
Discovery of oil reserves in Nottinghamshire.

Licences, Certificates, etc.
A Table showing numbers of licences and certificates issued in recent years and those in force at 31 Dec 1944

Annual Message 1944-1945 - E.C. Johnston acting DGCA

Circular No.54 February 1945

Disposal of Surplus RAAF Aircraft
The Commonwealth Disposals commission will handle the disposal of surplus aircraft and stores. Some aircraft types available are listed.

Large Air Photography Project
The Victorian Government has awarded a contract to Adastra Airways to photograph 62,000 sq miles of Victoria.

Improvements in Airline Schedules
Increases in frequency of services on internal and Indian Ocean routes are announced.

Release of Pilots and Navigators from RAAF
A shortage of civil aircrew leads to the transfer of pilots, navigators and Radio operators to the reserve so that they may join Airlines as operating crew.

International Civil Aviation Conference
A description of the proceedings and resolutions at the Chicago conference.

Freedom of the Air
An American view that equates freedom of aerial passage to the freedom of the seas.

American Air Services
Table of Statistics.

New Instrument Landing System
The U.S. War Department announces the existence of the first ILS systems. In this case they are trailer mounted and mobile.

Airport at Idlewild opens next year
The new airport will have six runways of up to 10,00 feet in length and centrally located administrative buildings.

Air Travellers' Preferences
An American Airlines survey of passenger preferences revealed some interesting findings.

Points of difference between DC-4 and DC-6

New Aircraft Engine
Description of a new lightweight, Aluminium alloy, inverted V12 700hp aero engine built by the Fairchild Corporation.

"Retractable Ailerons" on the Black Widow
Description of the spoiler system fitted to enhance roll control.

Circular No.55 March 1945

Airway Navigational Facilities
Issue of Edition 4 of "Airway Navigational Facilities"

Radio beacon facilities
Negotiations with the Department of Defence result in the 24hr operation of certain Defence radio beacons thus enhancing the coverage for civil flight operations. The broadcast of weather information over these beacons will be implemented.

Circular 33/1942
The radio communications facilities information formerly contained in this circular will henceforth be incorporated in the "Airway Navigational Facilities" publication.

Aircraft radio equipment
A table showing the civil aircraft fitted with equipment sourced from the USA under the Lend-lease system.

Circular No.56 April 1945

Radio Beacon, Bowen, QLD
RAAF Upgrading this beacon for continuous operation. Radiating on 200 Kcs. this beacon will greatly improve service in this area.

Australian Air Transport Services - Statistics
Comparative Statistics for the years 1942, 1943, and 1944 for regular Australian Air Transport Services.

Pick-up Apparatus
Description of a snatch apparatus whereby allied aircraft operating over enemy territory can pick-up a person without landing.

The Superfortress Transport
Type description of the double deck C97 transport developed from the Superfortress. Capable of operating pressurised at 30,00 ft and at 380 mph will be developed as a civil airliner called the Stratocruiser.

Air Doctors and Mail for the Kimberleys
The introduction of an air mail and medical service by McRobertson-Miller Airlines to all stations with a suitable airstrip has replaced the Pack-Horse, which had been the only connection in many cases.

Air Mails in the USA
Domestic Air-Mail in the USA has proved to be very profitable.

Sydney - New Guinea Service
QANTAS introduces a service from Sydney to Lae, via Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville and Port Moresby.

Electrically - Driven Airliners predicted
A Proposal for the development of airliners with electricity as the motive power.

Model 39 Liberator Liner
Type description of a civil development of the Liberator Bomber.

Terminal Weather Broadcasts
Trans Tasman agreement to alter the scheduled times of broadcast for terminal weather to 5 and 35 minutes past each hour.

New Giant Aircraft
Proposal for the development of the Convair model 37 civil Transport. This six engined aircraft appears to be similar in design to the B36 Bomber, but with a double bubble fuselage.

Fresh water from Sea for Airmen
Description of a solar still which is being issued to airmen for use in survival situations. Mention also of a chemical seawater de-salination kit for use in non sunny conditions.

Radio Range at Seymour Vic.
A new facility operating on 33.3 Mcs. The beams are aligned with Holbrook and Essendon. Click here to see a photo of this installation.

Brisbane - Cairns Service
This service is now increased to 3 return trips daily.

Circular No.57 May 1945

Emergency Trunk-line calls
Introduction of a priority "Aircraft Movement" telephone call to cover the situation where radio propagation is poor, particularly due to adverse weather.

Townsville H/F D/F Station
Accuracy to be improved by the laying of an Earth - mat.

New Navigational facilities
Seymour, Port Pirie, Wagga and Bowen - Description of each Facility.

Australian Aeradio and Navigational Facilities Chart
Distribution of wall chart showing all Aeradio Facilities. The scale (100 miles to the Inch) is coordinated with the Area maps of Navigation Facilities to facilitate regular amendment.

Longreach Aerodrome : Trespass
Continuing trespass by a local drover who grazed his horses on the aerodrome overnight and removed them by morning. Finally prosecuted, found guilty of creating a danger to aircraft and fined 10 pounds!!

International Air Services Agreements
The Commonwealth Government confirms agreement to ICAO Air Transport agreements and air transport protocols.

Handley Page Hermes
Type description of this new British Airliner.

Remote Control by Positive and Negative switching
Description of the methods of remote control of Aeradio transmitters.

Australia - New Guinea Service, Fares and freight rates.

Douglas DC-7 Transport Features
Type description.

Indian Ocean Service
Congestion on this route caused by large volume of service mail from UK to Australia has led to the introduction of a Lancastrian service from London to Sydney.

RAAF Air Ambulance Service
The RAAF maintains an air ambulance service between the Australian mainland and the Pacific Islands, using Lockheed Hudson, Douglas C47, and Curtiss Commando aircraft.

Circular No.58 June 1945

Use of RAAF D/F Stations
Arrangement to use RAAF Facilities in emergency and the procedural and frequency differences involved.

Aeradio Frequencies
Promulgation of Ground-air frequencies.

D/F Station, Geraldton
New H/F D/F station.

Stinson Aircraft Accident at Spring Plains Vic on 31.1.45
Air Court of Inquiry - Findings

Making a Nation Air minded
Various courses of study implemented over the years in the USA have led to the introduction of a basic general aviation course in High Schools.

Australia - England Lancastrian Service
A 4 day trip from Sydney to London via India. The frequency, initially weekly, will be upgraded to daily.

Radio Range - Higgins Field
New Facility in North Queensland with beams aligned to Merauke (315deg M) and Cooktown (144 deg M)

New York - Air Traffic
Annual Statistics

Circular No.59 July 1945

USA’s Plans for Aviation after the War
Proposal for the establishment of a single airline for overseas operations rejected. Three Airlines will be allowed to fly the Atlantic Route.

Aerodrome Instruction No.3 - Aerodrome Serviceability Reports
Responsibilities of various Persons involved with Aerodromes.

Re-allocation of Aeradio Frequencies
List of frequencies and allocation to various Aeradio Stations.

Radio transmission of Weather broadcasts etc.
Relaxation of security measures to permit the transmission of weather reports in plain language, except for route forecasts for areas north of 10deg South which must be encrypted.

JACSPAC -(Joint Army-Navy Radio Facility Charts)
Publication issued by the US Army Airways Communications system.

Aeradio Staff Recruiting
Severe shortage of staff leads to the release of RAAF personnel for training as Civil Aeradio operators.

Airport Programme USA
Political argument in the USA over federal funding for aeronautical infrastructure.

Circular No.60 August 1945

Call signs for Indian Ocean and Trans-Australian routes
Allocation and descriptive nature of call signs used by civil and service aircraft on this route.

CAA to begin civilian use of Radar
American CAA to develop radar control procedures using ex service equipment. The experimental use of radar in the civil field is already underway in Australia.

Frequencies - RAAF H/F D/F Stations
The geographical grouping of RAAF stations into Zones with appropriate frequencies, and operating times is tabulated.

Licenses, Certificates etc.
Table of Licenses and Certificates issued.

Airport Development USA
Airports fall into one of five classes depending on runway length. Parameters to be considered in the planning of airports are mentioned.

Overseas Air Services
Australia-India-UK Lancastrian service is now twice weekly Tues (arr Thurs) and Sat (arr Mon). Stops are: Gawler (refuel) - Learmonth - Colombo - Karachi - Lydda - Hurn.

Liberator Service
Perth - Colombo, twice weekly. The Catalina service ceased with trip 2Q132 which departed Perth on 12.7.1945 (inaugurated 22.7.1943)

Australia - New Guinea Service
Thrice weekly using DC-3 aircraft.

Australia - New Zealand Service
Sydney - Auckland 4 times weekly.

Circular No.61 September 1945

Aviation and Civilisation
Article by T.P. Wright - Administrator of Civil Aeronautics USA.
The Aeroplane should be used as a positive force in the progress of civilisation....

Gardens - Tree planting
Advice on the establishment and maintenance of trees at departmental stations.

Airports and Air Bases in the USA

Changes in radio Navigation facilities
De-commissioning of RAAF M/F Bellini-Tosi D/F stations at Ballarat, Nhill, Mt. Gambier and Port Pirie on 1st Sept 1945. Details of changes to navaids at Nowra and Camden, Commissioning of Yass radio beacon.

Circular No.62 1945

Investigation of Incidents
Detailed guidance on the categorisation, investigation and reporting of Incidents.

Airport Lighting Maintenance
Procedures for the routine testing, inspection and maintenance of airport lighting.

Fire Extinguishing Equipment
Guidance on fire types and the appropriate extinguisher to use.

RAAF H/F D/F Frequencies
Table of frequencies and operating times for each Zone.

Australian Air Transport Services

Circular No.63 November 1945

National Security - Manpower regulations
Wartime restrictions on the release of personnel from Nominated professions lifted.

Radio Broadcasting of Weather Reports
Improvements in the coverage, broadcast and re-broadcasting of Weather reports.

Disclosure of Information - Press Statements
Caution to be exercised by employees in Statements to the press to avoid compromising departmental policy.

Airway Navigational facilities
Rationalisation of handbooks used by service pilots which list facilities of particular use in service operations.

M/F Radio beacons
Changes made to RAAF M/F homers.

Appreciation of Services rendered
Letter from American airman in detailed appreciation of the training and technical services rendered to his unit over a period of time, which he considered contributed greatly to the safety and operational record of the unit.

Details of DC-8 Medium Transport
Type description of a twin piston engined 48 passenger aircraft.

Comparative Specifications between the Douglas DC-8 and the Douglas DC-3
Table of specs.

Staff Statistics
Table of staff employed.

Transport Plane, not Bomber, War’s greatest development
The greatest thing to come out of the war was the development of the transport plane with it’d implications for civil operations.

Production Postscripts
Developments in Pressurisation and technical measurement.

Atlantic record
DH Mosquito flew from St Mawgan (Cornwall) to Torbay (Newfoundland) in 7hrs 2min - the fastest East-West crossing ever.

Licences and Certificates etc.

BOAC Activities
New routes flown by BOAC to Middle East, India and Australia.

Laying of telephone wire from the air
Experiment conducted with a C47 aircraft at Fort Dix in the USA.

Circular No.64 December 1945

Airways Organisation - New Guinea
Anticipated requirement for the Department to operate an Airways Organisation in New Guinea. Call for Volunteers to staff the organisation.

M/F Adcock D/F Stations
Stations at Pearce, Laverton and Richmond taken out of service.

Karumba Flying Boat Base
The Department calls for Staff applications to operate the base which is to be returned to Departmental control. Click here to see pre-war photos of the base.

Possible Commercial Application for Helicopter
Calculated costing for the operation of the Piasecki PV-3 Helicopter. Details of possible route structure around New York.

Post War Employment in Civil Aviation
Bulletin issued by the CAA in the USA for the guidance of ex servicemen looking for employment in the industry.

C-47 Aircraft for McRobertson Miller Aviation Ltd
Acquisition of a converted C-47 by the airline to boost capacity.

Additional Aircraft for Civil Services
Acquisition of surplus American transport aircraft in the South pacific for operation with Australian airlines.

Purchase of Rainbow Aircraft by Pan American Airways
Type description of the "Rainbow Clipper"’ aircraft proposed for intercontinental routes.

Index compiled by Brian Surtees, CAHS

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