Fokker F.28 Fellowship VH-ATG CofA - 1977


Since airworthiness control of aircraft was one of the earliest and most basic functions of the civil aviation regulator, one of the first forms developed by the fledgling Department was the Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA). This version of Form CA 14A is the 1975 amendment.

The CofA basically establishes that at the time of manufacture or import an aircraft meets the required standard of design and construction. Note item 5 on the CofA which stipulates that the aircraft is only considered to be airworthy when maintained and operated in accordance with the relevant regulations and operating limits. Airworthiness approval is given for operation in a particular category, which defines what the aircraft can be used for. In this case, certification is in the Transport category, which enables the aircraft to be used for all commercial transport purposes.

Department of Transport Fokker F.28 VH-ATG (c/n 11084) was the second of three F.28s ordered to replace the earlier F.27s in the airways calibration role. Manufactured in 1974, it was tested in its highly-modified form for its new role by manufacturer Fokker using the 'trade-plate' registration' PH-EXP. It was registered in Australia as VH-ATG on 25 February 1977 but this CofA, number 9047, was not issued until 29 March that year.

Note that the Departmental seal has been embossed over the signature of the Delegate.

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(Photo: CAHS Collection)

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