Airworthiness & Manufacturing Index

From its beginning in 1921, one of the most important roles of the Department has been regulating the airworthiness of aircraft. This includes registering aircraft, regulating maintenance standards, licencing engineers, approval of modifications to aircraft, and type-certification of new aircraft types.

Read an article on the history of Airworthiness Regulation

Aircraft Registration Markings


Ground Engineers

Ground Engineer's Licences - the A,B,C,D,X system, including the Syllabus of Examinations for Ground Engineer's Licences (C.A. Form 48) - 1931

Airworthiness-related Certificates

UK Export Weight Schedule for Auster J.1 Autocrat G-AIBP/VH-ASI - 1951

See a Certificate of Maintenance Approval issued for the ferry of Ansett-ANA's first Viscount 832 VH-RMG - 1958

See a Load Data Sheet for Connair Heron VH-CLV - 1972

See a Certificate of Airworthiness for Departmental Fokker F.28 VH-ATG - 1977

Airworthiness-related Publications

Index of the 'DCA Technical Information Bulletins' series

General Airworthiness- and Manufacturing-related Material

Read about the Silver Centenary - Western Australia's oldest surviving aeroplane and its airworthiness difficulties.

The Librascope mechanical weight and balance computer - 1930s

Download a 1950s De Havilland Australia booklet Aircraft Manufacturing Activity in Australia

Read about the DCA Operational Research Camera, used to measure aircraft performance c.1950

Read about the grounding of certain wooden glued aircraft - 1960s

Airworthiness certification of amateur-built aircraft - see a photo of the first amateur-built (ANO 100.18) aircraft to fly in South Australia - Druine D.31 Turbulent VH-ULI

Photos of the conversion of Gulfstream II VH-ASG to GIIB standard - 1986


Manufacturers' Aircraft Type Brochures to Download

Click on the icon to download the brochure. All files are .pdfs that should open in a separate window.

Manufacturer, type & date Source file size
Taylor Cub Taylor Cub, c.1936 Importer Julius, Gardiner & Co. via Roger McDonald 776 kb
Percival Q6 Percival Q.6, August 1939 CAHS/Eddie Coates collection details at linked webpage
Auster Alpha Auster J.1 Alpha, c.1955/56 CAHS/Mac Job collection 4.65 MB
Auster Autocar Auster J.5 Autocar, c.1954 CAHS/Mac Job collection 3.62 MB
CAC Wallaby - click here CAC Wallaby regional airliner project, c.1955 CAHS collection details at linked webpage
Victa Airtourer

The Victa Airtourer - 1960s
with downloadable scrapbook covering the building and test flying of the prototype, plus two Victa brochures

CAHS/Tom Webb collecction & Roger McDonald collection details at linked webpage
AC680E click to download Aero Commander 680E c.1960 (used by DCA) CAHS collection 3.5 MB



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Auster Alpha - click here Auster Autocar - click here CAC Wallaby - click here Taylor Cub - click to download Click to download brochure Victa Airtourer Click to download the Percival Q6 brochure