Load Data Sheet - 1972

Weight and balance control of aircraft is critical for safe operation and only specially approved persons can sign off the weighing of an aircraft.

This Load Data Sheet (CA form 735, 1969 revision) was produced in November 1972 for De Havilland 114-2D Heron VH-CLV (cn 14124) of Connair (formerly Connellan Airways). It sets out the empty and operating weights for the aircraft, plus centre of gravity information. The 'kit' referred to is detailed on the reverse of the form and includes a tool kit, chocks, towing bridle, ladder, water, steps, survival kit and first aid kit.

The Aeronautical Engineer who has authorised this Load Data Sheet is Bill Whitney, who went on to design a number of aircraft including the Southern Cross replica VH-USU and the Whitney Boomerang training aircraft.


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(Barry Rerecich/Maurice Austin collection - original 250 x 180 mm)

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