Transport/Aviation Australia Index 1981-1987
Part 2 1983-4

These pages index articles that appeared in the house newspaper Transport Australia, later Aviation Australia between 1981 and 1987. They provide an interesting insight into the activities of the Department at that time. The paper was Transport Australia whilst aviation was part of the greater Department of Transport. Click here to refer to an organisational timeline.

Names of staff or other personalities have been highlighted in bold. To find an article on a particular subject or person, use your browser's 'search within page' function.

February 1983
· Who's Who in Switch +++ Changes in Management following retirement of Peter Langford
· Transfer Programme nears end +++ Final stage in the transfer of Central Office to Canberra
· As Others see us +++ Story in the Adelaide Advertiser about the new Control Tower at Adelaide
· Mike Seymour a "Bloody Good Bloke" +++ History and retirement of Mike Seymour
· Gone Fishin +++ Ron Heath injured fire-fighter becomes world class fly fisherman
· Lyn is Top Operator +++ Lyn Peters Central Office Word processing operator and supervisor of the Year
· Fire-fighters Win +++ Coolangatta fire-fighters win local Indoor Cricket Competition
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to Retirees
· When Morse was the Key +++ Cocos IS - Mauritius Morse circuit closed in 1980
· D of A appoints first Historical Officer +++ James Walker is first full-Time Historical Officer
· Old Gooney Flies again +++ Ex WW2 RAAF and PNG DC3 flies again for Air Queensland
· Not so Fast +++ Humorous story about Passenger-Captain Messages
· Airport served by Sea +++ Operations at Horn Is
· A Pat on the Back +++ Compliment from a Police pilot about service received
· Research ends Speculation +++ Official explanation of VH prefix

March 1983
· New Minister for Aviation +++ Hon Kim Beazley is the new Minister
· RFFS answers call +++ Departments Fire Service involvement in fighting Victorian Bushfires
· New Look F28 +++ Department's F28 Calibration aircraft shows off new Livery
· The Final Exchange +++ Correspondence between outgoing Minister Wal Fife and Col Freeland Secretary to the Department
· Flying Doctor Retires +++ Dr John Lane Director of Aviation Medicine, Retires
· Seven gain Study Awards +++ Dept. Officers receive Aus Public Service Awards for study and Personnel Development Training
· Double Victory for Bowlers +++ DOA Team wins Interdepartmental Competition and Neil Graham is individual Champ
· Can They do it? +++ Darwin TAI team tries for water speed record in Beer can boat
· Quarter Century of Fight Service +++ Pictures - Then and Now
· Can You Help +++ Airports Division is compiling a history of Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport
· Telling it Like it was +++ DAHS Compiling a record of Officers recollections for posterity
· Star of the Show +++ Picture of a Desoutter Mk 2 In the Launceston Airport Display area
· Tasmanian Airports upgraded +++ Hobart and Launceston works
· New Radar Aid for Airways +++ New Automatic radar data recording system

April/May 1983
· Norfolk Joins Jet Set +++ Minister Beazley opens new Jet runway in Departmental Flying Unit F28 VH-ATG
· Softly, Softly +++ Flying Unit Engineer Gary Esson describes Flying Unit F28 Hush-kit Mods
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to Retirees
· Award for Rescue +++ Adelaide RTO Rod Capon and his wife receive Bravery awards for rescuing driver from burning car
· So Long Jack +++ Jack Kennedy OIC Office services Melbourne retires after 37 years
· Getting Better +++ Central Office crew take part in Raft race on Lake Burley Griffin
· How Slow can you Go +++ Klemm L25 aircraft at the Schofields Air-Show
· Schofields '83 +++ A personal Viewpoint by John Filler
· Schofields '83 +++ Centrespread Show Report
· Air Search and Rescue +++ Dept of Aviation Organisation
· Meeting Half-Way +++ Photo of NZ Min of Transport calibration F27 and DOA F28 at Norfolk Is
· In Reply +++ C. Freeland's reply to a critical article in Aircraft Magazine
· Minister Seeks ideas from D of A Staff +++ Minister seeks innovative ideas

June 1983
· Communication needed with Industry +++ Article by C. Freeland in the Australian Newspaper
· Minister tables Accident Report +++ Crash of King Air VH-AAV at Sydney Airport
· Ian Leslie from Clerk's desk to Cockpit-Twice +++ Ian Leslie Retires after 22 Years
· Medals for Fire-fighters +++ 15 Departmental Fire-fighters receive National medal for long service
· Giving a hand +++ Departmental staff in Townsville raise funds for sick daughter of colleague
· Back to first choice +++ Brian Norris Dir of Pers and recruitment returns to position in the Anglican Church
· Cheers to +++ farewell to retiring staff
· Boeing Boeing +++ Phot of B747 and B707 at Sydney airport
· Another Link gone +++ Dept's last Link Trainer returned to the RAAF
· Annual report "Highly Commended" +++ Aus Institute of Public Admin Praises the Dept's report
· Pushing out the Frontiers- PNG Style +++ Ed Jackson describes a visit to the Ok Tedi Mine
· Supply System under Review +++ Consultants review Dept's system introduced in 1961

August 1983
· First Commander Arrives +++ VH-LTI first of the Dept's new G1000 aircraft arrives at Essendon crewed by pilots Bill Penney, Mick Vaughan and engineer Brian Beecham
· Commander is a World-Beater +++ Gulfstream Commander 1000 holds 10 international records
· Nearly half a century of service +++ Ken Smith (Supervisor of ATC at Adelaide) retires after 34 years
· D of A Trainees doing well +++ Many Dept trainees do well in their academic courses
· Cheers to +++ farewell to retiring staff
· Corner Shop Boy retires +++ Ken Woodford PTO Radio Facilities Brisbane retires after 36 years
· Tea Attendant +++ Ann Newcombe retires after 18 years as tea lady
· The Long Way Home +++ Description of the acceptance and delivery flight to Australia of G1000 VH-LTI
· From such Beginnings +++ Short History of Ansett
· Boeing 767 in service +++ Ansett puts its first 767 into service
· Ansett on Display +++ Photo of Ansett fleet aircraft on display at Melbourne
· Ansett's Big tin Shed +++ Ansett's Maintenance hangar fire protection system
· Another New Boeing +++ Photo B747 stretched upper deck of SIA
· Here's how It's Done +++ Aerobridge parking guidance system described
· Secretary meets Air Pioneer +++ Col Freeland meets Sir Norman Brearley
· In the worst of taste +++ Central office competition to celebrate Winter solstice
· Two Share Charlwood Prize +++ Geoff Dickie and Anne Brownhill share ATC trainee prize
· "Digest" Thirty Years young +++ Aviation Safety Digest mag is 30 yrs old
· Doing it Himself +++ Keith Jarvis retired ATC officer and experienced pilot flies a glider of his own design
· Staff Counsellors meet +++ All 6 of the Dept's Staff Counsellors meet in Canberra for exchange of ideas
· 20th RIV accepted +++ The last Cougar rapid intervention vehicle is accepted by the Dept

October 1983
· Airport Authority: Task force to be set up +++ Implementing the National Airports Authority
· Another Budget Boost +++ Improvement of facilities and airports.
· Welcome Gift +++ Central Office Library receives 300 books from Institute of Engineers.
· Cheers To +++ Farewell to retiring Staff.
· Hat trick +++ Comedian Ronnie Corbett models Department's new cap badge.
· Ideas may mean cash +++ ETO Max Joiner awarded $900 for improving Fire detection
· Winning Float +++ Derby AVIAT Social Club wins first prize in float parade.
· One of the Few +++ Record of service held by Eric Trebilcock at 50yrs 4mnths.
· Back Then +++ Arthur Corkhill reminisces about Mascot Airport 50yrs ago.
· Another Pat on the Back +++ Letter from pilot praising Darwin ATC
· New "Plastic" Trainer +++ British Slingsby Firefly trainer, made out of Glass reinforced plastic.
· QANTAS to Re-equip +++ Qantas will use Boeing 767 on lower density routes.
· Taking out the Guesswork +++ Radar instrument measures Helicopter rotor blade alignment.
· Saving Energy +++ Regional Energy Co-ordinators meet in Sydney.
· Every picture tells a story +++ Mystery cockpit photograph.

November/December 1983
· D of A Streamlines "to get ahead of the game" +++ New Corporate "plan"
· Interscan moves on +++ After a decade of research Interscan moves to operational use.
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retiring staff.
· Lucky Bustard +++ Adelaide staff sponsor animals at the Adelaide Zoo.
· More than sniffing drains +++ Duties of the Departments Health Inspectors.
· Public to comment on new airport +++ New Sydney airport project launched.
· A young winner from the West +++ John Evans wins Alan Robert Memorial Award for work.
· Cutting a runway +++ 1 metre long runway birthday cake for Asle Kolve's 60th birthday.
· Grants to fliers +++ General Aviation organisations to benefit from federal grants.
· Jim's up, up, and away. A Dep Sec departs +++ Jim Schofield Reminisces on Retirement.
· The new Dep Sec +++ Mr Alan Rainbird takes over as Deputy Secretary (Jim Schofield.)
· The Corporate Objectives +++ List of objectives to be achieved by the Corporate Plan
· The Medium and the Message +++ Improvements in the AFTN over the years.
· Computer Applications +++ Upgrading the Departments computer system.
· Pocket Rocket comes of age +++ Hawker Siddeley 125, 21 yrs since first flight.
· Is there a bomb in your baggage? +++ Departments Dangerous goods awareness programme.
· The deep South +++ Graham (Ned) Kelly Electrical fitter at Casey Antarctic station.

February 1984
· K83 tests D of A response +++ Defence exercise problems with civil-military Cooperation.
· Connellan dies at 71 +++ Pioneer Australian aviator Edward John Connellan dies at 71.
· Recession stunts aviation growth +++ All Aviation activity affected.
· A Popular Man +++ Doug Buckhorn, Warehouse Supervisor Darwin during Cyclone Tracy.
· New Radar +++ New surface movement radar at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.
· Help Wanted +++ Historian Kim Fawkes requests knowledge of Empire Air training Scheme.
· KLM Flies into History +++ DC2 in KLM Livery to fly from Duxford U.K. to Melbourne.
· The Uiver Plan +++ Netherlands Enthusiasts organise re-enactment flight of DC2.
· Ponder no longer +++ Mystery photo identified as Boeing Capt J. Waddell in B737.
· Backroom driver +++ Driverless rapid transit system at London Gatwick Airport.
· Far from Home +++ Wien Alaska B727 outside Ansett Hangar Melbourne (VH-RMU on lease).
· Safety Tips on Film +++ Story line of GA safety film

March 1984
· Hornet contracts to the Rescue +++ Australian industry benefits from F18 offset contracts
· Australian record breakers +++ Two Australians set distance records in piston and turboprop A/C
· Fat Albert’s Quarter Century +++ C130 Hercules serves 25yrs with RAAF
· Humour tops reader poll +++ Readers of Transport Australia want lots of humorous articles.
· A Bird’s eye view +++ New mural in Adelaide Airport depicts Great Australian Bight.
· CSS: the section that counts +++ Statisticians in the Dept of Aviation.
· Autumn Air shows +++ Traditional time for Air shows, ATC reader input invited.
· Traffic up +++ Rise of 5% in Scheduled traffic carried by world’s airlines last year.
· Dangerous Flying Companions +++ Dangerous Goods and the implications.
· Former TAA Chief dies +++ Sir Frederick Scherger ex RAAF and TAA dies.
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retiring staff.
· A flying link with the past +++ B25 Mitchell Bomber arrives at Canberra, destined for the War Memorial museum.
· The test of time +++ Fatigue tests on B757 fuselage simulate 40 yrs of operation in 14 months.
· How Solo can you go +++ Helicopter exploits of Dick Smith.

April 1984
· Dept. Honours Hargrave centenary +++ Booklet released to mark centenary of Lawrence Hargrave's first flight.
· New Chairman for SSS +++ Richard Johns is the new chairman of the Staff Suggestion Scheme.
· Upgrading at Perth terminal +++ Upgrading of the International terminal at a cost of $750,000.
· Ted retires after 37 yrs +++ Ted Stephenson Principal Radio tech officer Adelaide retires.
· Well Done Clem +++ Clem Bollaart Outstanding electrical apprentice Vic/Tas 1983
· ATC Anniversary +++ 20th anniversary of the Dept’s first long term ATC course (Photo of members of that course)
· Cheers to +++ farewell to retiring Staff.
· Cost recovery inquiry starts +++ Independent committee of inquiry of Aviation cost recovery policy.
· Historical Society’s National meeting +++ First federal meeting of Dept’s Historical Society to be in Adelaide.
· What is it? +++ mystery photo
· New Staff Counsellors +++ Dept of Aviation Central Office has a new Staff Counsellor Ms Thea Biesheuvel.
· The man who gave his ideas to the World +++ Article on Lawrence Hargrave, pioneer Australian aviator.

May 1984
· Aviation's sobering Statistics +++ Minister Mr Kim Beazley addresses National Aviation Press Club.
· Secretary’s message +++ Collin Freeland thanks staff for efforts during the first two years of the Dept of Aviation.
· April Highlights +++ Important issues and developments that occurred.
· Slogan contest +++ Prize for suggesting a slogan that describes the Dept’s role in Aviation.
· Flight of her Life +++ 79 yr old Catherine Tizzard flies with Dick Smith in his helicopter.
· Pilot training ignored says Minister +++ Minister Beazley addresses RFAC annual conference.
· Essendon’s Museum +++ Custodian Roger Meyer describes the Airways Equipment Museum.
· Improved Industry Outlook +++ International freight sector leading Australian Aviation Industry out of recession.
· Coffs transfer brings ALOP near end +++ Airport transferred to Coffs Harbour Shire Council under Aerodrome Local Ownership Plan.
· Department plans for consultation +++ Dept and ACTU agree on peak forum for Staff/management consultation.
· Suggestion Scheme winners +++ description of scheme and list of winners of prizes.
· Consultants for second Sydney site +++ Australian firm Kinhill Stearns selected as principal consultants
· New Advisory Council to be established +++ National Airport consultative council will advise Minister Beazley.
· Computers are coming +++ Automatic Data Processing system to be tendered for, Tom Grant to head network team.
· Silver Axe presented +++ Brian Guthrie outstanding recruit of the year in Queensland.
· Port Hedland Commissioned +++ New runway (2500m * 45m) commissioned 20th Feb 1984.
· A look at the first two years +++ Précis of activities during the first two years of the Dept of Aviation.

June/July 1984
· Cost Recovery: need for change +++ Present regime not meeting the target of adequate cost recovery.
· Dept communication moves +++ Steps to improve communication with staff.
· May high lights +++ Important issues and developments that occurred in May.
· Department Computer programme +++ Networking System to be called The General Computing Network (GCN)
· Minister takes to the sky +++ Photo, Minister Beazley in an Ultra-light aircraft at Mangalore84 Air show.
· Firefighter Rob Donnelly +++ Photos of Rob's motorcycle racing at Bathurst (won 350 race)
· The "Gentleman" has retired +++ Lou Newton retires in WA (Assistant Reg Director Flight Standards)
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retiring staff
· Jenny's Switch from science to ATC +++ Jenny Oakhill Laboratory scientist becomes first woman ATC officer at Alice Springs
· Recognising the Human Factors +++ Advanced course held by the Dept for accident investigators.
· Video Programme launched +++ AVINEWS keeps Dept personnel in touch with Dept activities Australia-wide.
· Improved Communications dampens Business travel +++ Sir Peter Abeles interview with AVINEWS.
· Narromine +++ Narromine Ex Airforce Reunion to commemorate WW2 training activities at the airfield.
· Two-hour Spacecraft +++ Trans-atmospheric Vehicles (TAV's) could fly anywhere on Earth in two hours.
· Qantas gains highest level accreditation +++ B747 Flight simulators awarded level 5 fidelity accreditation.
· Cocos Is and FOI +++ Freedom of Information activities include releasing 70 files on Cocos (Keeling) Is.
· Tall tales and true of P.S. life +++ Article by Dr. Roy Gilbert reprinted from BRW.
· The good oil on Adelaide +++ Humorous article about Historical matters in S.A.
· Legislation to give TAA more freedom +++ TAA retained as a Commonwealth Statutory Authority and given more commercial freedom.
· …and Qantas too +++ Qantas to have more say in running it's own affairs.
· Aviation Anniversary +++ Photo, Collin Freeland, cuts a cake to celebrate the Dept's second Anniversary.
· Directors-general to meet in SA/NT +++ DG's of civil aviation in the Asia-Pacific region to meet in Adelaide.
· Minister DAHS Patron +++ Minister Beazley accepts offer to become patron of the Dept's Historical Society.
· Industry Contact +++ Secretary Freeland confirms that Regional Directors are the first point of contact with Industry.
· Forrest history search +++ Forrest Airport has a significant place in Australian Aviation history.
· Industrial Democracy Unit formed +++ Introduction to the Public Service Board's new Industrial Democracy Unit.
· BASI to upgrade it's computer system +++ New computers in Regions to be networked directly to Central Office.
· DAHS names Life members +++ Five Society members named.
· Twists and turns in the life of a Lodestar +++ Ex RAAF machine joins the ranks of Dept aircraft (more dept history here)
· Flying Safari marks annual conference +++ Royal Federation of Aero Clubs meet in Alice Springs.
· "Monster" unveiled +++ Photo of Monegeetta Monster. (Experimental fire vehicle - late 1950's)
· Staging an Air Show +++ Story of the Mount Gambier Golden Air Classic 1984 (with photos)

August 1984
· SAR System "Appropriate" +++ Committee of review reports system appropriate to our needs, by and large.
· June/July highlights +++ Important issues and developments that occurred in June and July.
· Setting things straight +++ Some common concerns and questions addressed.
· Charlwood prize shared again +++ Kristin Truman and Maurice Stanton share Don Charlwood prize
· The "Black Prince" retires +++ Ray Soden Director Air traffic Control retires after 30 yrs.
· Librarians get together +++ Photo, Librarians from the Dept and industry meet in Canberra.
· Queen of the Air +++ Essendon ATC officer and pilot Jennifer Petts is Queen of GA Expo at Essendon
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retiring staff
· 20 Years on Campus +++ Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Air Navigation Group at Sydney University.
· Industrial relations milestone +++ Dept of Aviation Consultative Council (Dof ACC) meets in Canberra
· Pitchblack 84 we were there too +++ Involvement of ATC in Major defence exercise.
· Asbestos study published +++ Occupational health and safety report and implications for the Dept.

September/October 1984
· Aviation Budget +++ Size and disposition of the 1984/85 Aviation budget.
· Melbourne Airport in the 21st Century +++ Master Plan for expanded airport.
· New Appointments +++ Jerry O'Dea (FAS Flight Standards) Christine Goode (FAS Management Services) Phil Bowen (FAS Domestic Policy )
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retiring staff
· Staff Socceroo +++ Jimmy Cant (Canberra Computer Centre) selected for the National Soccer team.
· More Charlwood Prizes +++ Phillip Mayo wins Long-term ATC Charlwood prize
· National Medal +++ Brian Saal, Mackay airport fireman, wins National Medal for 15yrs diligent emergency service.
· Aviation Portfolio +++ Full page organisation chart of senior management.
· SSA Centre Success +++ Second Sydney Airport Community access centre.
· First Aboriginal Pilot +++ Mark Yinigiya from the NT gains restricted Private Pilot licence.
· First controlled private strip +++ Hamilton Is accepts RPT aircraft.
· Airline savings in Australia +++ Innovative ATC procedures save airlines money.
· Foundation Apprentices +++ Dept Flying Unit accepts the first apprentice AME's Brendan McMahon and Andrew Swanson.
· Firemen Invaded +++ Canberra Firefighters host Canberra schoolchildren.
· Canadian DC3 Rally +++ Expo86 in Canada to celebrate 50th Anniversary of DC3 with a DC3 Rally.
· Cutover Contortions +++ Description of the in-service commissioning of a new console at Melbourne Tower.
· Gove- the Living Paradise +++ Description of living conditions at Gove for FS Personnel.
· More Accidents due to stress +++ Relationship between human factors and accidents.

November/December 1984
· SAR - Big response to new plan +++ Big industry response to plan for semi-dedicated SAR operation.
· D-G's meet in Adelaide +++ Successful meeting of Asia/Pacific Civil Aviation leaders.
· New Aviation Minister +++ Mr Peter Morris takes on Aviation portfolio and retains Transport. Photo.
· A message from the Secretary +++ Christmas message welcoming change and challenge in the Dept.
· "Human Factors" campaign call +++ FAS Flight Standards Jerry O'Dea calls for intelligent ordered campaign.
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retiring staff
· Obituary +++ George Alfred Robert Dodkin Supt Bureau of Air Safety. Ex WW2 RAF and respected instructor.
· Wal takes the wheel +++ Wal Hughson O.I.C. Inshore rescue base Botany Bay retires after 45 yrs service.
· TAA Board +++ Minister Beazley announces the appointment of Ms Diana Bryant (first woman) to the TAA board.
· AWB: 'Responsible, dedicated' - Helo Boss +++ Tribute to Airworthiness Branch from Bell Helicopter Executive.
· First Corporate Plan released +++ Secretary Freeland releases plan for Review, Technical development and Cost Efficiency.
· Costs study 'Significant' - Secretary +++ Sec Freeland indicates the study will have far reaching implications.
· The right 'Mann' for the job +++ Sheila Mann researches the history and role of women in aviation.
· Minister, Secretary address convention +++ Civil Air Operations Officers Association's Biennial convention.
· Minister opens Perth lounge +++ Minister Beazley opens the Ansett Golden Wing lounge.
· Himalayan Traverse - a walk on the top of the world +++ Barry Jacobs describes tough holiday trek.
· GA 'Vital Link' - Minister +++ Minister Beazley states that GA is still the vital link to outback areas.
· Is seeing believing? +++ Psychology student Gena Watt tests pilots and non pilots for visual perception

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