The 'DCA Publications' Series

The table below lists all currently-known items in the 'DCA Publications' series. This series of publications originated in the early post-war years and was intended as a reference information resource for both industry and the Department itself. There were many more publications issued by the Department over the years that did not fall into this series - the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and Airways Operations Instructions (AOI) to name but two of the most important.

An examination of the known editions indicates that there must have been many currently unknown titles and editions. Most of the publications have been long discontinued however a few, mostly dealing with the use of navigation aids, have been re-issued to this day.


# Title Known Editions
2 Aerial Work and Charter Operations Guide To Preparation Of Maintenance Manual Dec 1947
4 Manual of Meteorology Rev Aug 1954
5(a) Air Legislation Examination for Pilots

Jan 1952

5(b) Air Legislation Examination for Student Pilots

undated - Rev
Rev Sep 1960

5(c) Air Legislation Exam Guide Student, Private & Commercial Pilots

Rev 1 Jun 1967
Rev 1 Sep 1968
Rev 1 May 1971

Rev 1 May 1991

5(d) Air Legislation Examination Guide for General Aviation Pilots Rev Oct 1976
8 A Course in Touch Typing For Communications Officers Apr 1950
9 Teletype Equipment Training Handbook For Communications Officers Jun 1950
10 Meteorology For Communications Officers undated (early '50s)
13 Navigation Notes For Communications Officers May 1951
17 Weight Control of Aircraft

Revised 1971

18 The Operational Limitations and Uses of High Frequency Direction Finding Jan 1953
19 Operational Notes on Visual Aural Radio Range & Associated Marker Beacons Jan 1953
Jun 1967
20 Altimetry Nov 1953
21 Guide for Compilation of Operations Manuals Rev Aug 1959
22 Non-Directional Beacons and Associated Automatic Direction Finding

undated - pre-1973
issue 2 - undated, c.1974-1982

Oct 1976 - reprint

23 Instrument Landing System Operational Notes undated - pre-1973
Issue 2 - Sep 1972
Rev Sep 1985
24 Operational Notes on Distance Measuring Equipment Feb 1956 - 1st
Rev Oct 1969 - 2nd
Rev Jul 1985
26 Standard Drawing Practice Airports Jun 1955
28 Fire Service Training Manual Jan 1956 - 1st
30 Numerical Index of "Airworthiness" Air Navigation Orders Parts (100-108) May 1954
Jul 1956
32 Airworthiness Certification: Imported Aircraft Nov 1956
34 Aerial Agriculture Jan 1958
35 Guide to Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Examinations Jun 1959
Jun 1968
37 Pilots' Notes on the Precision Visual Glidepath (P.V.G.) Aug 1958
38 Radio Frequency Prediction Handbook Jan 1960 - 1st
42 Manual of Teletypewriter Operating Practices Mar 1962 - 1st
43 Pilots' Notes on the Visual Approach Slope Indicator System (Red-White System) Aug 1962 - 1st
44 Pilot's Notes on the Visual Approach Slope Indicator System ("T"-System) Oct 1963 - 1st (two different printings)
Jul 1972 - 3rd
45 Flight Instructor's Manual  
46(a) Flight Radio Operator's Manual This manual was originally issued outside the 'DCA Publications' series. Known editions are:
Sep 1955 - 4th
June 1961 - 5th
46(b) Flight Radio Operator's Manual 1 Jun 1963 - 6th
1 Jan 1969 - 7th
47 VHF Omni Range (VOR) Operational Notes undated - c.1974-1982
Oct 1976
49 Organisations Approved by the Department of Civil Aviation 1968 - 13th
30 Jun 1970 - 15th & final
50 Airborne Radio Equipment Classifications  
Flight Test Guide Mar 1973
Flight Test Guide: Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter 1967
  Hand Book for Police Officers  
Catalogue of Accepted Components and Materials (internal use only)

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