Ed Coates (?- )

Eddie Coates, who took a number of the aircraft photos on this website, grew up in Tasmania where, in addition to indulging his passion for aircraft photography, he joined the Tasmanian Aero Club in the early 1950s.

In 1953 the Tasmanian Aero Club purchased two Tiger Moths from DCA (VH-CAD and VH-CAE). Eddie and another Aero Club member, Tony Rhedy, picked up VH-CAD from Essendon and flew it back to Tasmania.

Eddie became interested in DCA following working with the Department on the acquisition of the Tigers and thought it would be worthwhile working for DCA, partly so he could keep a check on new aircraft coming on the Register! Later in 1953 Eddie joined DCA in Melbourne and worked in the Weight and Balance Section of the aircraft registration department.

Whilst in Melbourne, Eddie studied Accounting at Melbourne University and became interested in data processing at DCA who had some early Hollerith equipment. In 1956, deciding to pursue his career further in the USA, Eddie Coates left DCA and emigrated to California. For a time he owned a quarter share in a Beech Bonanza, N109WB (above).

In the USA Eddie eventually became Director of Information Systems for a large US multi-national company. He also spent a decade living in Asia and the Middle East.

Today, the Ed Coates collection of aviation photographs, both taken by Eddie and collected from various sources, forms an important record of early Australian aviation.

More of Eddie Coates' photographs, and also many photos from the CAHS Collection that are not on this site, can be found on his own website by following the link on our 'Links' page.

In June 2006 the CAHS was proud to host a visit to the Airways Museum by Eddie Coates (below).

(Photos: Top - Ed Coates collection; Bottom - Maurice Austin)

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