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Don Anderson

The key to the effectiveness of the Department over the years has been its people.

This page provides links to selected biographies - in some cases only a photograph. Links are also provided to references to individuals in other material, often the recollections of the individuals concerned.



Athol Townley Minister for Civil Aviation

Sir Reginald Swartz KBE MBE ED Minister for Civil Aviation

Kim Beazley Minister for Aviation, Minister for Transport and Communications


Lt Col Horace Brinsmead OBE MC Controller of Civil Aviation

Captain Edgar Johnston DFC Controller of Civil Aviation

Arthur Corbett Director-General of Civil Aviation

Sir Richard Williams KBE CB DSO Director-General of Civil Aviation

Sir Donald Anderson Director-General of Civil Aviation


Carn Scarlett 'Stiffy' Wiggins CBE First Assistant Director-General (Operations)

Dr K.N.E. 'Bill' Bradfield OBE First Assistant Director-General (Ground Facilities)

Ian Leslie AM First Assistant Secretary (Flying Operations and Airworthiness)

Colin Torkington Manager, Airworthiness and Operations Branch

Frank Yeend OAM, First Assistant Secretary, Flight Standards Division

Roy Mervyn Badenach Assistant Director-General (Ground Facilities)

Capt. Frank W. Follett Superintendent of Aircraft

Alfred Gordon Berg Superintendent of Airworthiness and Aeronautical Engineering

Professor Brian O'Keeffe AO General Manager, R&D and ICAO

Jim Schofield AM Deputy Secretary (Air Operations)

Barrie Slingo Assistant Secretary Airways Facilities Branch

Arthur H. Affleck Regional Director - New Guinea

Arthur Roland McComb Regional Director - Vic/Tas

Jim Stone Regional Director - Vic/Tas

David Ross Regional Director - Western Australia

Owen Lawry Regional Director - Queensland & Papua New Guinea

Peter Riley Executive Officer (Administrative Services)

John Milton Melbourne Flight Service Manager

Ken Dalziel early Aeradio Operator & Flight Checking Officer

Don Charlwood AM Air Traffic Controller & ATC Recruiter

Russell Watts Superintendent, Air Safety Investigation Branch

Macarthur 'Mac' Job OAM Editor, Aviation Safety Digest 1964-1978

Captain Frank Shanahan Superintendent of the Flying Unit

Captain Eric Sims Flying Unit Pilot

Captain John Laming AFC Flying Unit Pilot

Captain Eric Read Flying Unit Pilot

Captain Roger Giles Operations

Ivan Hodder Radio Inspector

Bob Chamberlain OIC Karumba Aeradio

Stan Fenton early Aeradio operator

Leo Deleuil MBE early Aeradio Operator, later Regional Flight Service Supervisor, WA

Bruce Acland Darwin Aeradio Operator, Second World War

Keith Alston wartime & post-war Aeradio Operator

Norman Rodoni pilot, Flight Checking Officer & inventor of the 'Rodoniscope'

Andrew Veitch (Andy) Lauchland first groundsman at Archerfield, later Airport Manager

Roger Meyer Middle Manager (Technical Specialist) and President CAHS

Ron Rye Airways Communications Engineer

Don Whalley Senior Engineer/Inspector of Air Safety

Lindsay Wise Senior Airworthiness Surveyor

Brian Wise PSM Airways Surveyor

Captain Brian Surtees Flying Unit Pilot

Bill Babb Airways Surveyor

Roger McGlashan Air Traffic Control Senior Instructor

Ted Ruddle Radio Technical Officer

Ed Coates Weight and Balance Section & aircraft photographer

Len Dobbin Sectional Airworthiness Surveyor

Dr Leigh Edmonds, Airports Division and Research Fellow at the CAHS & Airways Museum

Reg Gross



Henry Gascoigne
Director of Fire Services

Laurie Bond Senior Examiner of Airmen

Ian Perry Senior Examiner of Airmen - Navigators

Alec Spooner Airways Surveyor

Major Harry Mann District Superintendent, Sydney/Mascot

Neville Watson Mechanic, Sydney/Mascot

Bill Sykes Aircraft Surveyor

Jock Cowie early Aeradio operator

NSW Airports Engineering staff - 1950 - Len Memorey, Sectional Draftsman; Marie Grenenger, Tracer; Neil Lake, Chief Engineer; Maurie Rowe, Draftsman; and Mike McGrath, Draftsman

Howard Cronin, Maurie Evans, Bob Honan, Bill Dodsworth, John Reid, John Renshaw, Ray Alexander, Len Power, Brian Wells, Gavin Douglas Air Traffic Controllers - 1960s

Melbourne Air Traffic Control Simulator Instructors, c.1992. John McDonagh; Peter 'Prong' Coulson; George Fishlock; Bruce Dean; John Baxter; Glenn Morris; Paul Wright; and Roger McGlashan.

Photo of early aviation personalities - CAB's Controller of Civil Aviation Lt Col Horace Brinsmead, ANA pilot G U 'Scotty' Allan, Captain G C 'Skipper' Matthews and the CAB's Superintendent of Flying Operations Major A. Murray Jones at Essendon - c.1930.


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