Melbourne ATC Simulator Instructors - c.1992

This group photo shows the Melbourne Air Traffic Control Simulator Instructors, c.1992. From left to right they are: John McDonagh; Peter 'Prong' Coulson; George Fishlock; Bruce Dean; John Baxter; Glenn Morris; Paul Wright; and Roger McGlashan.

The simulator was located on the uppper floor of Building 4, at the far eastern end. In 1988 the old Bright Display simulator was replaced by a new Ferranti-built simulator for the ATCARDS (later AUSCATS) ATC display system. This simulator was similar to the one installed at the same time in the ATC College at the Tasmanian State Institute of Technology (TSIT), Launceston. It remained in use until 1999, by which time the new TAAATS simulator was in use in Building 212.

(Photo: Roger McGlashan collection)

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