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From very early in its existence, the Department became deeply involved in questions of aviation policy through its role in regulating the industry and, in particular, by distributing subsidies for the operation of air services. Though the subsidies ceased in later years, the Department was still very much involved in the economic regulation of domestic commercial air transport until the 1980s. In the international arena, this work is carried on today by the International Air Services Commission.



Registration Markings


Read an essay about the early development of Australian civil aviation by historian Dr Leigh Edmonds:
Problems of Defence, Isolation and Development: What Civil Aviation Could Do To Help.

Historian Dr Leigh Edmonds' second essay on Airmindedness - Selling a New Kind of Technology to the Australian Public.

Dr Leigh Edmonds' third essay on Western Australia's Failed Airline Companies 1929-1933

Photo of the CAB's first office in Western Australia at Maylands - 1936

Download a 1938 article New Guinea Gold: How Mining has been Rapidly Developed in Inaccessible Country by Air Transport

Read about Australia's Contribution to ICAO



Read about early post-war Flying Doctor services and the formal definition of Mercy Flights

Read an article on the history of Airworthiness Regulation

Consult a list of the 'DCA Publications' series

  • Concerns about the safety of the aerial agriculture industry in the 1950s led to the issue of DCA Publication 34 Aerial Agriculture



Read about The Department & the Vickers Vulcan

Photos from the inauguration of the first regular international air mail service - 1934

Wartime DCA Requisition for Free Air Conveyance - 1945

Read about the dozen DC-3s leased by DCA to the airlines - 1944-46

Read about the South Pacific Air Transport Council (SPATCO)

Read about the inaugural Australia-USA Boeing 707 Service and the gazumping of Pan Am - 1959

See a photo and air mail cover from the inaugural Qantas service Sydney-Tahiti Nov 1963 - and read about the international air services agreements negotiations that led to it.

Examine a chart showing major domestic airline services - 1967

Examine a chart showing regional airline services - 1967



Each year the Department made an Annual Report to Parliament on Civil Aviation in Australia (and New Guinea). The Introductions from these reports provide a summary of the major events in the Department's history for that year, as well as important events in the industry generally.

Read 1947-48 1948-49 1949-50, 1950-52, 1961-62, 1962-63


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