James Edward 'Jim' Schofield AM (1921-2005)

During Jim Schofield's time as Regional Director of DCA's Papua & New Guinea Region, the Aviat College at Port Moresby was established for the training of indigenous recruits as air traffic controllers, radio operators, and technicians. The photo above shows 'Bing' Faulkner and Jim Schofield with an unidentified instructor and a group of indigenous trainees at the Aviat College in 1970.


The photo above was taken in 1975 at the opening of Port Moresby's Jackson's Airport's new runway, the construction of which had been financed by Australia. Jim Schofield flew the first aircraft to land on the new runway, PNG Civil Aviation Authority Merlin IIB P2-CAI (seen in the background), formerly the Australian DCA's VH-CAI.

Those on board were: Nash, Acting Director, Commonwealth Department of Works; the Commonwealth Department of Works Project Manger; Bruce Jephcott, Minister for Transport; Tom Crtitchley, High Commissioner for Australia; Jim Schofield, Director, Civil Aviation Agency, PNG; and Joe Tauvasa, Controller of PNG Civil Aviation.

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