Parafield Control Tower - 2008

As of 2008 the the Adelaide/Parafield Control Tower is the oldest Tower in Australia still operating from the same basic structure. The building was constructed as an Operations-Administration building and Passenger Terminal, and was completed in 1940. Similar buildings were constructed at Sydney/Mascot and Brisbane/Archerfield and, although they still stand, they are no longer in use as Control Towers.

In the view above, from airside, the art-deco styling of the front of the building can be seen, although the rear (landside) face is fairly utilitarian (see below). The building originally had an all-glass Control Tower cab on the roof, but this was replaced by the present, modern cab which was commissioned on 28 October 1981. A transportable Tower was used for a year in 1980-81 whilst the new cab was constructed.

As of 2008, only the upper floor and Tower cab are occupied by Airservices Australia. The remainder of the building is occupied by tenants, including Adelaide Flight Training Centre whose signs can be seen in the photos below. The building is no longer used as a Passenger Terminal.



< Left: This photo of the main entry to the building shows a non-descript wings logo above the porch. For comparison, a similar logo with 'DCA' in the shield is still intact on the Archerfield building. Older photos suggest that the Parafield logo was styled thus from initial construction.


(Photos: Phil Vabre)

See a photo of this building in 1963 and an aerial photo from 1948

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