Parafield Operations-Administration Building
& Control Tower
- 1940

The Adelaide/Parafield Operations-Administration and Passenger Terminal building just prior to completion in 1940. Note the Control Tower cab on the roof. On the top floor was located Aeradio and, later, the ATC Area Control Centre. Note also the clock and the DCA logo on the front of the building. The white marks on all the windows were a builder's technique used to mark newly-glazed areas.

Similar buildings were constructed at Sydney/Mascot and Brisbane/Archerfield. All three of the buildings still stand as of 2008, but the Parafield building is the only one still in use as a Control Tower - click here for photos.

Towers did not get radio communication until 1948. Prior to that, control of traffic was achieved using a variety of visual signals. These were displayed on a mast behind the Tower cab, in a signal square, and by the use of signal lamps and flare pistols.

This photo was taken from 'airside' on the all-grass movement area. A sealed apron was provided in front of the hangars in the background. The nearest of these belonged to Australian National Airways (ANA), with the next along being occupied by Guinea Airways.

See some close up photos of the Tower cab

See a photo of this building in 1963 and an aerial photo from 1948

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(Photo: CAHS collection)

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