Taylorcraft Auster Model E VH-CAJ

The DCAís Auster Model E VH-CAJ is seen on the tarmac outside the Departmentís hangar at Melbourne/Essendon. This aircraft was built to an RAF order in 1943 as an Auster Mk III (c/n 373), NJ970. It was shipped to Australia in April 1945 and allocated RAAF registration A11-34. The aircraft was sold to Department of Civil Aviation in December 1947 and registered VH-BKK on the 18th. It was later re-registered in the Departmentís own registration block as VH-CAJ in 1949.

Following Departmental service it was sold to the Tasmanian Aero Club and re-registered VH-DAJ on 24 April 1961. It was withdrawn from use in October 1969, and then restored as VH-DSJ. Still current c.2009 and registered to an owner in NSW.

(Photo: CAHS collection)


Another view of VH-CAJ, photographed at Essendon Airport, Melbourne, 1955. The colour scheme trim is sllightly different and the aircraft is fitted with a long exhaust leading under the fuselage, as opposed to the stubs fitted in the upper photo.

Note the second Essendon Tower in the background displaying signal balls. Click here to see another view of this Tower.

(Photo: Ed Coates collection #1988)

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