VAR Installation - External View

Another view of the first installation of a Visual-Aural Range (VAR) beacon in Australia, at Melbourne/Essendon in 1947. This beacon was installed by the Post Master General's Department, but subsequent VAR beacons were installed by the DCA.

The tower was 30 ft tall surmounted by a 35 ft diameter circular counterpoise - the actual transmission aerials were only 18 inches long and stood vertically on top of the counterpoise. The counterpoise was an artificial ground plane, elevated to give the radiated lobes a more vertical aspect and to make the signals more even.

The fibro-cement hut housed duplicated transmitters, operating on 120 Mc, as well as ancillary equipment. Emergency power generators were located in a separate, adjacent hut if necessary (the Essendon beacon was fed by mains power). Click here to see inside the transmitter hut.

(Photo: CAHS collection)

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